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Featured Psychic Readings How It Works

If You're Outside US / Canada
Kindred Elana - Ext. 4997        Available  On a Call
My gifts will help accurately and honestly answer your most pressing questions. My insights will help you achieve happiness, prosperity and true love.

Call Now - 1.800.921.7866 - ext. 4997

Subjects: Love/relationships, Career/Work, Spirituality, Life Coach, Family
Tools: Tarot
Price: $4.99/minute
Psychic Kittenit - Ext. 5477         Available  On a Call
Expert Psychic /Tarot reader with over 30 years experience. I want to help you live your best life. Accurate, honest and quick!

Call Now - 1.800.921.7866 - ext. 5477

Subjects: Love, Relationships, Finances, Career, Mind/Body, Spirit
Tools: Tarot
Price: $4.99/minute
Elizabeth Mune - Ext. 5037        Available  On a Call
Psychic Reader and adviser with over 20 years experience. I am here to help you in all matters such as love, money, career with sincere honest and straight to the point advice.

Call Now - 1.800.921.7866 - ext. 5037

Subjects: Career/Finance, Love Life, Family, Relationships
Tools: Tarot
Price: $4.99/minute
Psychic Starr Spirit - Ext. 4375         Not Available
I am a Master Clairvoyant Psychic Medium with over 20 years of accurate, verified predictions. I have earned the title of one of America's Top Psychics. I offer clarity to your most complex questions. Lets get to work. We have your life to change.

Call Now - 1.800.921.7866 - ext. 4375

Subjects: Love/Relationships, Timeline Predictions, Success/Abundance/Love Activation, Dream Interpretation
Tools: Clairvoyance, Clairesentience, Procognizance, Tarot, Numerology, Candle Magic.
Price: $5.99/minute

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