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Knowing-Minds offers live online psychic readings with only the very best psychics. Our psychic advisors are fully screened and tested for accuracy as well as being kind-hearted people who are dedicated to helping others through the use of their gifts.

If you have questions about your present or need insight into your future, our live phone psychics are online, ready to provide you with the answers you need.

Customer Testimonials
Learn why our customers have rated Knowing Minds
the top Psychic Network On-Line.

Heather - Bakersfield, CA

My friends had told me so many great things about, however I was really skeptical about getting a Psychic reading from a stranger over the phone. I had a very specific personal dilemma and delicate situation in my life and I was eager to get a second opinion and a fresh outlook. I can honestly say that the Knowing Minds Psychic I spoke with gave me hope and a better understanding of my situation. She awakened me to a whole new side of myself and helped me make a decisive decision that proved very successful. I would encourage anyone who is looking for good advise to use Knwoing Minds. They truely are the best Pyschic Network around.

Susan - Austin, TX

I had never had a psychic phone reading until I tried I quickly found a Psychic Advisor on their web site and decided to give it a try. Within the first minute of our phone conversation, I knew that the Advisor was the real deal. She accurately saw several past issues that I had in my life and gave me a different perspective and the insight that I so desperately needed. It was simply amazing! I could not believe that the helpful advice, encouragement and guidance I had been seeking for years was only a phone call away. I am now a dedicated customer and have suggested Knowing Minds to all of my friends.

Patrick - Sydney, Australia

Not only are the Advisors I tried on exceptionally accurate, but they presented my choices in a clear manner so I could make the best decisions. I can tell you that I have been highly energized at all the future possibilities that the Advisors on Knowing Minds have presented during our conversations. If I chose to follow a particular path that they suggested, it was highly accurate - sometimes in the most surprising way! Another reason to call the Psychic Advisors on Knowing Minds is that they are very approachable and practical with their readings.

Karen - Staten Island, NY

The first Psychic I tried on was like an angel sent to help me walk through this path called life. She is extremely gifted in her abilities and very accurate when it comes to delving into ones situation. I have come to trust her so very much that I call her at least two times a week! She is a true person of light and a perfect example of the quality associated with I would encourage anyone who is looking for some advice or just a second opinion on an important topic in their lives to try Knowing-Minds. I am sure happy that I did.

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